Frequently Asked Questions

What name do you go by?

Edwin.  My father goes by Ed.   Just to keep people on their toes, my son (Edwin IV) goes by our middle name which is Bruton!

Wasn’t  your Dad in politics? What’s he doing now?

Yes.  My father served in public office from 1974-1981 on the Mecklenburg County Board of County Commissioners.  He was the Chairman of the Board from 1978-1981.  He then served on City Council from 1981-83.  He was the 1983 Republican Nominee for Mayor.  He fell short of victory to Harvey Gantt by 4033 votes.  

Aren’t you in office now?

No.  I last served as a Republican At-Large Member on the City Council from 2007-2011.  I was also the Republican Nominee for Mayor in 2013 & 2015.

Edwin, what have you been doing in the community since 2015?

Civically speaking, I continue to be involved with Charlotte Rotary.

I also turned focus towards two areas where I’m passionate:  the arts & education.   I served as a Trustee on the Blumenthal Performing Arts Board from 2011-2017.

I was appointed by Governor McCrory and served on the North Carolina Arts Council where I served from 2015 until 2016.

I also served as a Trustee on The Fletcher School from 2015-2017.

I’m currently involved in the Leading On Opportunity Council.  This is a group that was formed after the 2017 Opportunity Task Force Report and was established to implement strategies to combat systemic poverty in our area.

Personally, I returned to getting more involved in my children’s sports by participating as a coach.  I’ve also continued to remain active in my church where I’ve co-lead an adult Sunday School for 10 years.

Politically, I’ve remain engaged by helping encourage leaders to run for public office.  I’ve also supported & helped numerous other candidates seeking office. I also hope to be more involved in the 2020 Republican National Convention coming to Charlotte.

Edwin, are you running for office again?

Since 2015, I’ve jokingly shared that I’ve been running from office, not for office!   However, we’re living in interesting times in all levels of government.  There is a desperate need for qualified leadership.  I’ll carefully evaluate any future opportunity to serve.